Friday, March 26, 2010

My eventful week....

ok so monday raymond woke up with a little rash... no biggie... then tuesday he woke up with it all over the place! i took him to the ready care center.. gasp.. not even the ER! the pa told me to follow up with his allergist (i'm a smart cookie and called then enroute and made an apt. already) well turns out to be some sort of an allergic reaction. what a fun week trying to keep him calm and relaxed! I shipped him to school today.. hopefully the rash doesn't keep spreading.

I went to a Stampin Up class last night and had a blast. I learned some new techniques even though I'm not really a stamper.

I am working on some projects right now. New Memory Works goodies came in the mail yesterday!!! Teaching a class or two at Scrapbookings Inn soon and working on a race to finish at MLPA!!!

On the home front, I went back to EMS and had a low budget trauma on the first shift back! We are getting ready for the big happenings of the next week: carrie underwood concert, macks 2nd bday party and easter!!!!!


Marlene said...

Hope your little guy is feeling better soon.

Mack is gonna be 2 ALREADY?!! Geez, tell these kids to slow down already. They'll be in college the next time I blink!

Jennifer Campbell said...

Oh my, did you figure out what he is allergic to? Thanks again for coming last night!!!