Saturday, March 27, 2010

me venting... sorry!

since i am pretty sure that a very few people read my blog on a regular basis... i will vent here instead of facebook! if you don't want to read my b*tchin then don't! but if you have nothing better to do, keep reading.....

~ please do not promise my child something you have no intention of ever giving him.

~ please do not think that i am stupid. sure i may act innocent and sweet, but on a rare occasion i know what i am talking about (this to the 2 men who brought raymonds new bed and THOUGHT i didn't understand the cursing in spanish. duh??)

~ please be prepared if you mess with my child i will eat you alive, with ranch dressin or ketchup. (this to the kids at preschool who call raymond "fluffy". pretty sure he is making the whole story up, but in case he isn't!)

and lastly

~ please, when i give you my heart, know its yours to keep. know i will love you everyday of my life, even if i hate your sneezes, when you snore so loud i sleep on the couch, and when tell you to go to he~ double hockey sticks on a daily basis.

the end.


Jennifer Campbell said...

oh my... sounds like you had a rough day... I hope everything gets better!!!

Melissa said...

You sound like me , except I never let it out,perhaps i should start!:D

Hope your day is better today!