Friday, February 5, 2010

bad blogger hugs!

bad blogger please forgive me!!! my world is spinning. 2 weeks ago at work (EMS) i hurt my left shoulder lifting a pt. they have me out of work (from EMS), i was in a sling for 5 days, on alot of good drugs, and crankie. so i could do nothing but sulk. i am feelin better, but i will be out of ems until mid march. *cry* i truely love all my jobs for different reasons. So far 1 PA, 2 drs, and PT. I had an mri and xray so far, however they are now thinking i have a herniated disk (grreat) so i have to go for yet another mri... poopie. so i internet surf and shop. thank god i can still work crisis a whole 1 day a week but it keeps me sane.

in my scrappy news. Memory Works new spring catelog will be out soon! happy dance!!! I will be having a crop at the house once that launches!!! come join me! I will also be teaching a CUTE recipe book at Scrapbookings Inn so go check out the site to sign up!!!

my boy is great. i just {heart} him! we are doing allergy testing to try and fine out why is gets uri and ear infections all the time... poor kiddo!

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Heather said...

Here's a positive...with an injured shoulder you can't really help shovel all this snow! Hubby and neighbors are out right now shoveling...I'll clean indoors! lol