Monday, April 6, 2009

Me rambling..if you couldn't tell!

As some of you know I have been having a hard time right now with "my works." The ER has no hours. EMS days are too long. And crisis... well thats just what it is. I love helping people however I feel enabling peoples poor choices is not helping... it creates more problems. I have come to find out that after 3 months of my new crisis schedule, that I am in fact not considered a part time employee, therefore no pto or benefits. I have a tough choice ahead of me. I come home most night in tears. The clients are horrible, my relief never shows up, and I get paid peanuts for a college degree I slaved over. Yesterday a client I have know for 5 years from ER visits, to transports and now at crisis asks me to adopt her 3 week old little girl. The client can not provide for the child and makes no effort in gaining services to give her baby the basics in life. I wanted to tear my heart out of my chest.

I went for my "annual" girlie apt. today. The DR wants to put me on meds because I still can't sleep.... do ya think i'm stressed? maybe i should give up coffee? heavens no!

My camera broke and has been sent into Nikon.. I shall miss her!! I am trying to get ready for Easter too! Oh boy so much to do... so little time!

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Jennifer Campbell said...

Oh my, you have a tough decision ahead of you, or should I say many! Good luck with whatever you choose.