Monday, March 30, 2009

Friday was a beautiful day... Roberta, Mackenzie, Oma, Ray and I went to "Oma Park" aka Water St park to play! The only question is, who had more fun. We ended up at Panaera for lunch. My Mom told us that "timmy the tumor" shifted again and is now not on her Optic Nerve, its on her Carotid Artery. There is an increase risk of stroke, however she maybe able to get a triology surgery, which she couldn't do because timmy was on the optic. Who knows... damn timmy.

I worked a crazy amount of hours this weekend because... well lets face it... my coworkers are lazy. At crisis Friday night... my relief just never showed up again... I hope bossy lady fires her. On Saturday at EMS 73 a call came in at 0045 to Brooke Glen.. it should have been the other crews call... but they needed theire "sleep". Why can't people just do their job?? I just want to quit all of my jobs!! To top off my no sleep, My step brother in law had to go in for emergency surgery and I had my 2 newphews, Mack and Raymond on Sunday. My lovely husband suggested taking the kiddos to Friendly's for lunch in front of them... How bad could it be, right? The kids did better than I had thought... I was just too tired to enjoy it! This is my short week at work.. I plan to spend the week cleaning and getting ready for Easter... oh and SCRAPPIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are some of the many pictures from the park:


Unhinged said...

Love that picture of Ray. :) Sending well wishes for your mom...and hope work gets better for you.

Leslie said...

He's so adorable! Love that hat-