Sunday, January 8, 2012

lost in funk

I have been MIA for a while now. I am in a funk. No creative spirit. No eye catchy work. Just plain empty. I have let almost every single aspect of my life go.. and for no particular reason. I'm not depressed. I am not locked in a room somewhere. I just lack engergy and my spunk.

The holidays came and went just like most years. I now have a little techy boy on my hands complete with an iPad and DS. (mommy is ALLOWED to borrow said iPad with permission of course!) I turned 30 without much fuss.. low key and simply stated.

I have goals to be better this year and find what REALLy makes ME happy. No more of this.. "I can't do this because----" or "i'll wait til ----". Even though a week into the new year I am slow at the process, I have a glimmer of hope I can overcome my weaknesses and find the peace I need... change WiLL happen.

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