Saturday, April 23, 2011


I have started to think alot lately about who I want to be. I think with Easter, spring and flowers growing there is hope that things will change. I want to be better; to grow as a person and for my family; but sometimes it means setting boundries, using the "n" word.. NO, and putting myself first. I want to be better. My husband said something the other day that hit... "if momma ain't happy, no bodies happy".. I'm pretty sure he was being a wise ass but... I'll take it. I am excited to celebrate Easter this year and have spent some time speaking with Raymond's preschool teacher about God and Jesus... and how Raymond wants to be Catholic because he associates that with church. I feel bad that he has not been to church and vow that soon I will take him to OUR church. I want him to know Gods love, to go to Sunday school like I did and have those feelings of peace. I have faith that things are looking up.. the clouds just have to pass.... and this is life.

Now truthfully all this babble maybe the glass or two of wine I've had this evening.. but its much needed. Easter is in full swing here! I can't wait for tomorrow!

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