Tuesday, January 11, 2011

After a busy holiday, I am ready to get rolling on blogging again. Christmas was wonderful, birthday.. well just another year older.. and the New Year.. It's time to be productive again. I had a Thirty One party on Friday and I am super excited to get all my goodies in! Thanks to Taryn for being our I.C. !

I have been trying to get back into scrapbooking and crafting in general. I feels like work to me these days. Maybe its winter.. who knows. I did finish one layout so far for MLPA's layout of the month contest... maybe I will get around to making a few more soon.

SNOW is making its' way to PA tonight! I went to the dollar store and stocked up on spray bottles... yes spray bottles... add water and food coloring and ... Instant snow paint!!! My yard is multicolored! Working for the next several hours.. I hope I don't have a code white!

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