Monday, October 11, 2010

Girl Time

The past few nights, I have had some great conversations with some awesome ladies. First, Saturday night I went out with a friend to a movie and to grab a quick drink. We have alot in common (Looooong story haha) and talked about who we used to be. Young women trying to please men, rather than please our selves. We allowed them to "control", if you will, us. We wanted them to "love us" rather than loving ourselves. Not that these men didn't have good qualities, but maybe they were young too and lacked knowlege of how love is supposed to be too. As we grew, so did what love meant to each of us, and those relationships didn't last. Now, we both have come to understand that love does take work and trust, and without that you are doomed and set up to fail. That being said, we laughed, gossiped and did what girls do.. cause trouble! On Sunday night I taught a class at Scrapbookings Inn. It was a small class with young hot mommies! HAHA (we all have kids under 4) We talked about our bodies and how we gotta rock what we got. Our hubby's don't care so why should we! Not that loosing few wouldn't be nice, but is a FEW extra pounds really that big of a deal? I mean I am not about to stop my Starbucks to fit into a smaller size nor will I give up cupcakes, ice cream ect ect ect.... We have come to terms with the fact that if you are happy then by all hell eat your damn ice cream and be happy with it. If you want to be a size 6 and starve yourself or work out early in the morning instead of sleeping... then by all hell go for it. *by the way we all chose ice cream*

I hope that each of you is as lucky as I am to have some awesome friends, both old and new, who challenge you, who love you, and who know when to tell you to shut the hell up!

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