Wednesday, September 23, 2009

This is my life....

Well my computer took at little "coffee break" and my hard drive went to pieces... thanks to my dear friend Rob for saving the day and hookin a girl up! LOL I have a "fresh" computer with over 22,000 pictures on my external hard drive waiting to get put back on my computer!

I took a Donna Downey class and LOVED IT! I think I am hooked! My class at Scrapbookings Inn was cancelled last night.. boo. but I did get to watch biggest loser.. so that made me extra happy!

Raymond started preschool last to come of that...once I can put them on my computer! He is having a little difficulty adjusting, but he will get the hang of it!

My allergies are kicking my tush (big target i know)! I can't wait to watch Mercy and SVU tonight! I think this is the first season of TV that I actually can't wait forward too! I hope I don't turn it a couch slouch!

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