Sunday, April 19, 2009

My News!

Ok today I quit crisis. I have never quit a job before on the spot. I felt bad for the few friends I had there. I have not been happy with myself in a while, and I feel that the stressful work environment had alot to do with it. I crave excitement and I truely love to help people... but face it I babysat addicts, homeless people and those who really never wanted to change. I took my frustrations out tonight on my scrap room... here is what happened....

and this

and this

These were all for challenges at Paper Popsicles!

Tomorrow I want to work on some soup challenges I wasn't able to do because of work... PS Hair cut tomorrow... its coming OFF! A start of a new begining... again! Looks like the boys of 108 and 73 have to put up with me some more!

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Leslie said...

Looks like you traded in the hopeless for the hopeful! You little one is adorable and you need to be happy to give him the best of you!