Friday, March 20, 2009

Busy week

Ok Tuesday we took Raymond to his first dentist apt! Thanks GOD he loved it there! He was so happy he got a Pooh toothbrush! The dentist is super nice! Then Raymond got to spend the night at BoBo and Uncle Wes's house! Ray and I went to Mount Airy and to Beer Mussels! I won a RAK pack from Sue for a St.Patty's Day challenge.. see card below! Wednesday I worked ER! Man I miss that place.... ok maybe just a little. Thursday I attempted to get some shopping done... however someone was not cooperating with the underpants part.... nuff said. I went to Scrapbookings Inn for the Soup Challenge! I won the challenge and a pack of sprout from Jillibean Soup! Yippie. Today the dishwasher guy was here...again. Looks like I may be picking out a new dishwasher after all..... Hey at least it didn't flood.. yet. I work crisis tonight and have Doodles tomorrow... hehe! Oh and my flowers are coming up in the yard!!!!!!!

Here are some pics of my week!


Jennifer Campbell said...

I love your Lucky card.

Anonymous said...

do you go to Janine Wyke in bethlehem? it looks like the place i take my kids to-i LOVE her and wish i could go to her!


Tricia said...

adorable blog. Your Ds is a cutie pie! Great card!!! Welcome to pp!