Monday, December 22, 2008

My Holiday Season

I have found this holiday that I feel so rushed. I have done most of the things that I set out to get done, yet I still feel like it isn't enough. We took Ray to Hershey, to see Santa at Applebees (Thanks Robin) and at the mall. We went on a Horse and Buggy ride around the Promenade aka date night with Auntie K and hope to get to Lights in the Parkway tonight. Our house is even featured on the Morning Calls Best Holiday display so come check us out... sorry no pictures yet...bad scrapbooker!

Yesterday my wonderful hubby was going to surprise me with a trip to NYC however the roads were too bad...BUT we get to go on Jan 18!!! Yippie!! I can't wait. You know I did marry him for a reason right? He's got good taste! I {HEART} him!

ok here are a few pictures of the holiday season!

Me and the hubby in Hershey

Ray and the Matey 2008 tree

Ray and Auntie K on their date!

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Marlene said...

Have fun in NYC, and remember to take lots of pics!